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Sign up for Mercari and get $10 off your first purchase. Here’s my invitation link :

Looking to find accessories and supplies to accommodate your digital collections? Mercari is a great site to visit. I was introduced to this platform about three weeks ago when I bought something from a Facebook group. The seller provided me with a link that gave me $10 off my purchase. I was looking for some Tim Holtz dies.

Not only did they have them, but there was also a plethora of other craft supplies, including Graphic45 papers, stamps, embellishments, and more. They had Martha Stewart punches, lace bundles, Cricut supplies, and handmade stuff, among many other things to choose from.

I have already made five purchases. If you are a craft addict like me, you will love Mercari.

They have more than just crafts. From make up and clothing, to vintage findings and electronics, Mercari is the virtual spot to visit.

You can even sell your things on there. Have a surplus of jewelry, or want to rid your house of a bunch of clutter, Mercari is the place for that, too.

Simply check out what they have to offer. You will be glad you did.

You can access their website or even download the app. I guarantee you will be enthused to open up your wallet to either purchase something or make your own money. Either way, it’s a win win situation. 😁💰

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I am a full time working wife and mother of three sons. I love all manner of crafting; From digital scrap-booking to tangible mixed media projects. I love to learn from other people and get exposed to the huge world of art. Creativity is in my blood. I have always sketched pictures since I was a kid, and now with social media (Thanks YouTube, Pinterest, Google images, etc....) I have become so overwhelmed with what project(s) to do for the day. I don't even know where to start. Should I make cards or make my own clay? Or should I design a wall hanging for the living room. I have become ridiculously indecisive with what I want to make. Also, I have become a craft hoarder. From paints, to dies and other cutting machines, to scrapbook paper and other designer card stock and embellishments, I have turned my little kitchen nook into my craft studio. I'm surprised my husband hasn't told me to get rid of all of the craft My craft collection addiction is partially what made me want to learn more about digital scrap booking. It is all new for me, but I have invested in the Adobe Photoshop application and I have scoured YouTube on learning different techniques in layering scrapbook images, pages, brushes, and so on. Now I can go to the next level of design by doing it digitally.

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