About Me

I am a full time working wife and mother of three sons. I love all manner of crafting; From digital scrap-booking to tangible mixed media projects. I love to learn from other people and get exposed to the huge world of art.

Creativity is in my blood. I have always sketched pictures since I was a kid, and now with social media (Thanks YouTube, Pinterest, Google images, etc…) I have become so overwhelmed with what project(s) to do for the day. I don’t even know where to start. Should I make cards or make my own clay? Or should I design a wall hanging for the living room. I have become ridiculously indecisive with what I want to make.
Also, I have become a craft hoarder. From paints, to dies and other cutting machines, to scrapbook paper and other designer card stock and embellishments, I have turned my little kitchen nook into my craft studio. I’m surprised my husband hasn’t told me to get rid of all of the craft supplies….ie..clutter.

My craft collection addiction is partially what made me want to learn more about digital scrap booking. It is all new for me, but I have invested in the Adobe Photoshop application and I have scoured YouTube on learning different techniques in layering scrapbook images, pages, brushes, and so on.

Now I can go to the next level of design by doing it digitally.


Since I love crafting and learning new ideas from so many people, I wanted to also share some of my experiences with everyone that has the same passion about it as I do.


  • My goal is to provide techniques, styles, processes, shares, and more on a combination of digital and hybrid scrap-booking.
  • I also like to hear from my audience on their perception of my ideas. Feedback and comments are always great.
  • I want to blog publicly because the world is full of creative ideas that are “Outside of the Box”, meaning we can all learn from people that may not necessarily live in our neighborhoods, yet offer fun filled concepts on putting together a piece of art.
  • I want to connect with hungry, driven, craft obsessed people like myself. It does not matter if they are beginners or experienced artisans who just love to sleep, breathe, and continuously create in their heads all day, and every day.

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