New Year Monthly Craft Challenge For 2022


I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas Holiday and are prepared for more exciting projects in the upcoming year.  I want to inspire and encourage creativity.  I challenge you to make a favorite craft that you have either already made or have seen someone else make.  You can get your inspiration from any type of platform including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook groups, blogs, and more.  Create something once a month.   It can be anything from mixed media, junk journals, scrapbooks, tags, cards, gift bags, home decor or whatever tickles your fancy.  Post your creations on social media platforms to provide even more inspiration for others.  We all love seeing them.  Let’s share in the fun!

New Year Envelope Freebie

Here is a freebie you can use in them if you like.  This is an envelope I created to use in a junk journal, scrapbook, or for anything you like.  It is printable on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

To access this file, simply click here.

This envelope freebie would work well with the new digital on the Multimedia Crafts Digital Etsy shop called, “Guys Days Kit“.

Guys Days Kit



Feel free to post your creations on my Facebook page, “Multimedia Crafts Digital.”

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

1 thought on “New Year Monthly Craft Challenge For 2022

  1. Thelisha – Hi, My name is Thelisha and I'm here to bring baking and crafting together. To show you that just because you're creative in one area, doesn't mean you can't be creative in the other. I'll teach you to bake cakes, cookies, and other sweets, as well as show you how to turn them into edible masterpieces. I can also give you a few tips and tricks on how to begin your crafting journey and have fun doing so. Things to know about me: MBA with a Specialization in Project Management Cookie and cake decorator at The Sweets by Mother of 5...6 if you count my fur baby Experience as an auto mechanic and with computers
    Thelisha on said:

    Hey Mrs. Sonya, this is gonna be fun. I’m downloading now, and I’m about to get started😁.